Windows Programs

The main deck building screen.

The upper half displays all the cards available (Collection); the lower half shows cards that have been added to the current deck (Deck).

Several decks are included in the download.

The upper half can also be used to keep a record of how many cards you own.

The large picture shows the currently selected card.

NOTE  : Remember to save after making changes; the program does not do this automatically.


The very useful filter screen.

This can be used both on the Deck (from Deck Filter) and on the Collection (from Collection Filter), but is most useful on the Collection.

Most of the options here should be pretty obvious.

NOTE : A Text Search for a card name will include all evolutions of that card. E.g. Eevee will show all Eevee plus Umbreon, Espeon, Jolteon, Flareon etc.



The deck testing screen.

The 2 decks being played are shown on separate tabs.

The first tab shown here is playing Blastoise / Black Kyurem.

Cards are moved simply by dragging them.

A right-mouse click will show a pop-up menu with options for what has been clicked.

NOTE : A middle-mouse click or Ctrl + left-mouse click on a card will show a larger image.

NOTE : Pressing the ā€˜Gā€™ key on the keyboard will toggle whether card graphics are shown when dragging.

The deck testing screen.

The second tab shown here is playing Thunderus / Deoxys.

The program is not designed for 2 players; it is for a single player to try out decks against each other.

NOTE :The Hand, Deck and Discard are shown both as tabs and as piles. The pop-up menus may show different options depending on which you click. E.g. To Shuffle the Deck use the pop-up menu on the Deck pile, not the Deck tab.



















A program for players of the Pokemon TCG
The program lets you build and test decks for the Modified format
Includes all Modified sets up to Plasma Freeze

Download PokeManiacs (97Mb ZIP file)
This program is no longer updated
Installation Instructions
Unzip the downloaded file to your hard drive.
Double click on PokeManiac.exe to run the program.